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Tumabox Features

Tumabox is a 3 in 1 entertainment-IT hub for your home: wlan (wifi) router, media center (media player), NAS (Network Attached Storage) and much more. Just read the wiki to discover what this amazing little box can do for you and how it makes redundant several other boxes that you keep around the house.

Wireless Router

  • offers wired and wireless internet connectivity for your entire home
  • amazing speed for your wired connection: not just gigabit link but also true gigabit speed delivered
  • wireless access point for all your wifi appliances with speeds up to 300 Mbps with MIMO
  • improved wireless coverage thanks to the 2 detachable antennas
  • comprehensive easy-to-use web interface to configure all your services
  • supports most popular industry standard protocols
  • built-in preconfigured firewall
  • use the preconfigured vpn to access data from anywhere in the world just as you were sitting next your tumaBox - all in a very secure way
  • use the preconfigured vpn to access the internet securily from any insecure network (eg: public wifi)
  • built with security in mind

Media Center

  • Full HD (1080p) support with great performance thanks to the powerful hardware
  • supports 2, 4, 5.1 speaker configurations*
  • supports all common video, audio and image formats
  • you can watch and cathegorize your personal videos, songs and photos
  • huge amount of storage space for all your videos, songs and photos due to the integrated HDD(s)
  • great connectivity for your external HDDs, flash sticks or card readers via USB, SATA or eSATA
  • gives access to a tremendous number of online streaming sources via easily installable plugins; these include Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Canal+, Arte, Revision 3 and many many more
  • powerful interface with with movie information (posters, trailers, fan art, actors, crew, taglines etc.)
  • powerful customizable playlists
  • customizable weather forecast and news tickers
  • even more power provided by free open source plugins
  • stream your media to dlna aware devices
  • access your media and control playback from your web browser, phone or tablet (via third party apps)
  • stream your media to your phone or tablet (via third party apps)


  • provides a single storage point for all your home or remote devices
  • designed to run 24-7 due to its low power consumption; no more leaving the computer open just in case you need to access some document from your laptop
  • supports most common network protocols out of the box and even more for power users
  • accessible from virtually any OS out-of-the-box (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux etc.)
  • access your files with speeds up to 120 MB per second
  • access from wired or wireless LAN
  • access from anywhere over the internet with encrypted connections
  • flexible storage capacities for your needs
  • possibility of increased random access speed when used in 2-HDD RAID-0 configurations
  • smart SSD caching for maximum random access speed
  • safeguard your data with RAID-1 configurations
  • great performance due to large RAM caches
  • provides access to your external HDDs, flash sticks or card readers via USB, SATA or eSATA
  • use the preconfigured vpn to access your data from anywhere over the internet just as you would from your local network - and in the most secure way
  • create your own private cloud - share what you want across devices or with your friends while keeping the data all in your possession

General features

  • low power consumption - designed to run and serve 24-7
  • extremly low noise - no fans included or needed; no noise at all when HDDs are in standby mode (not spinning)
  • powerful software on powerful hardware
  • uses industry standard protocols
  • uses open source software
  • designed with security in mind
  • offers even more power to advanced users via CLI

If you got bored or lost with this page please see what makes tumaBox unique.

* some of the configurations may not be available in the interface and can only be configured via CLI

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